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The top notes are cedrat, green notes and clementine leaf. The heart is composed of orange blossom and water lily, while the base of orange blossom and lilac A beautiful lively Rose.Very Rich, Sweet Rosy,waxy fragrance with pronounced Honey & Petal notes. This fragrance captures all the nuances of a fresh natural Rose in full bloom. Its olfactive structure resembles that of natural very diffusive and powerful not.

Violet is a pleasant floral incense blend burned to calm the emotions, and settle the mind. Its Herbal, Fresh and Floral. Pure & fresh herbal scent of associated with natural notes of Rosemary, Eucalptus and PalmarosaIntense sweet, fruity and warm. An oriental blend of vivid crystal, fruity scent and sweet vanilla blended along with warm sandalwood and sensuous amber.


BELONG TO ZODIAC SIGN (VIRGO) Frankincense was inspired both by the rich colours and exotic smells of the orient. The packaging has an intricate design reminiscent of the screens in Arabic temples, including two huge golden amphores which would contain precious oils flanking the entrance and an oil burner on the floor gently fragrancing the temple.Absolute Heaven. Words fall short for MAGNET. Smash hit for over years and still counting wide the country.Mesmerising blend of Indonesian Patchouli, Leathery Overdose, Mettalic Oxides, Natural Ambergris, Dark Mosses & Soft Sandalwoods.Heavenly Oriental.

BELONG TO ZODIAC SIGN (GEMINI) ,Vetiver has a heavy, woodsy, earthy and sweet scent. It is a base note in perfumery. Vetiver helps to calm tension, and reduces anxiety, stress, and depression. It has a balancing effect, and helps to stabilize energy. Deeply relaxing and calming. Helps to concentrate, organize scattered thoughts and overcome intellectual fatigue. As powerful as the name,herbal & lavender notes. A single stick of will boost the room with Arabic feel.


BELONG TO ZODIAC SIGN (PISCES) Fragrances belonging in the Oriental family of scents often comprise spicy notes that come from exotic parts of the world, usually the Middle and Far East: cinnamon, clove, vanilla, pepper, mace, nutmeg etc. The classification of “spicy oriental” is an oriental accented by these notes Sensual, sophisticated, woody fragrance .


BELONG TO ZODIAC SIGN (TAURUS) The divine aroma of Citrus and Patchouli with a menthol character imparts freshness to the blend which is supported by the touch of wood and hints of mossy at the top. It has excellent diffusive character creating fresh aroma.


BELON TO ZODIAC SIGN (CANCER) The classic oriental woody note, milky, soft, sturdy, rich, with a green top note and a satisfying lingering scent. Egyptian, Arabian and Tunisian sandalwood blended . The heart includes saffron and sandalwood, adding spicy and powdery shades warmed by creamy woody notes.


BELONG TO ZODIAC SIGN( ARIES) A sophisticated accord of ylang ylang, geranium, basil, rose , vetiver , peach over a soothing musk background , Nag Champa is an Indian fragrance popular in incense.


BELONG TO ZODIAC SIGN Cinnamon is the dried bark of various laurel trees in the cinnamomun family. It is a sweet-tasting spice, with a warm, woody aroma. The smell of Cinnamon is pleasant, stimulates the senses, yet calms the nervesA royal blend of “King of Spices” that is Saffron and Agar wood (oud) which makes it highly diffusive and gives it a long lasting character. Its heart notes compromises of rich Sandal and Patchouli which imparts an earthy factor to the blend.


BELONG TO ZODIAC SIGN (SAGITTARIUS) This incense has a rich, deep spicy aroma that is at once refreshing and familiar. Enjoy Incense Sticks.It is a mix accord of floral, fruity creating some juicy aspects which is flirting with citric notes. Also creates an atmosphere of refreshing floral sweetness which introduces us to the world of fancy aroma.


BELONG TO ZODIAC SIGN ( LEO) A very creative accord of Geranium Rose, assorted with milky sandal and rosy undertones, unlike of normal rosy blends.Burning of this fragrance will give you a feel of presence in a bulgarian Rose farm.BESweet, Creamy, Powdery Vanilla, Chocolaty and Ambry…a great combinatation.

BELONG TO ZODIAC SIGN (CAPRICORN) Clean, clear and pure.. Myrrh is a very holy fragrance reminiscent of the eternal aroma of a holy temple in South… natural Woods, warm Amber, sensual Patchouli and many other Resinoids and Tree derived Gums makes this fragrance as pure Mossy, Aldehydic, Extreme.An overdosed accord of various Resins, Moss’ and Aldehydes.Elegant touch of vivid Floral and Citrus components to change the arena of burning.